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About Us

It's not just about the numbers, we know what your money needs. 


Alpha Centuari Accounting Services combines years of financial, accounting, and business expertise with personalized service to help you grow. Our qualified specialists will assist you in meeting your financial goals while providing efficient and high-quality services. At low pricing, we provide exceptional financial solutions to organizations of all kinds, including insurance services and financial consultancy for private and public businesses, as well as individuals.

We offer more than simply accounting and financial services to our clients. We attempt to provide practical advise to help our clients reach their goals while saving as much money as possible.

Businesses and individuals alike require guidance to help their finances thrive. Our professionals have provided services to firms of various sizes and across a wide range of industries, and can thus provide you with services that are suited to your individual needs. Their knowledge enables them to ask all of the important questions that will enable them to give you outstanding solutions. Our extensive experience in the industry also enables us to foresee our clients' evolving demands and provide proactive advise. We will assist you in evaluating all of your options and their potential outcomes so that you can choose the best one for you.

We believe that being close to our clients is a top priority at Alpha Centauri Accounting Services, thus our staff is available to you year-round and will work closely with you every step of the journey. Furthermore, you may be confident that your matter will be handled in a consistent manner. Our experts will obtain a thorough understanding of your company and will assist you in making sound decisions on audits, tax filing, corporate taxes, and payroll services, among other services.



Efficient bookkeeping services are available for small
businesses and individuals . Computerized accounts are prepared and
presented for client review on a quarterly/monthly basis. We
utilize trusted accounting programs such as QuickBooks.

Payroll Services

We provides online electronic payroll services for small business clients and set up and maintain all records. We ensure the security of all your records including time records of tax and benefit contributions as well as State tax filings.


"I have nothing but positive things to say about Alpha Centauri with whom our organization has had the pleasure of working. In three years, our company has grown 12 fold, they have assisted us at every step of the process. They provided great bookkeeping services as well as a multi-year audit. They can manage any size company with any number of challenges."

Symere Singh, Bakery owner

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